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Rustam Climbing is a brand developed by passionate climbing expert Rustam Gelmanov. Rustam is a professional climber and a winner of multiple World Cups and International Competitions. Rustam Gelmanov loves mountains, rocks, and nature and spends a long time climbing outdoors. There are many hardest outdoor ascents in his pocket including 9a (5.14d) grade routes and 8C/C+ (V16/15) boulder problems. Rustam is always eager to learn and improve. He invents his own unique training equipment and training methods, which help you to enhance both body and mental strength.

We produce a new generation of wooden climbing training devices based on the great climbing and competition experience of Rustam, our passion for climbing, and the most advanced scientific and industrial solutions. Our products are extremely efficient in order to build up your strength with a maximal focus on reaching your most ambitious goals! Be creative and do not hesitate to try new training opportunities with Rustam Climbing! Hard training with Rustam Climbing makes you super-strong and allows sending the variety of the hardest routes and boulder problems!

We are proud of our training products and always make them the very best as we can. To develop new products and improve the functionality of our training devices we are always in close contact with professional athletes and amateur sportsmen around the world. That is why our training products are very useful not only for climbers but also for people from related sports, gymnasts, acrobats, parkours and circus performers.

“All that matters is how much you push your limits and how many mistakes you make. If you overcome yourself and become better during the competition, then you will leave with a medal in your soul. If besides that, you also perform better than the others, you will receive a real medal to confirm the internal one”

Rustam Gelmanov

We implement this philosophy in all our products and try to change the world!

Get stronger and reach your goals with Rustam Climbing

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