Cookie statement

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer as soon as you visit a website. With this, different users are distinguished from each other and all kinds of useful things are arranged immediately. For example, cookies remember your language preference and what you have put in your shopping cart. Our website cannot function optimally without cookies.

Cookies come in all types and flavors. We use them for three different purposes: optimizing your website experience, analysis and statistics and a little marketing.

Functional cookies

Functional cookies are only for you. They ensure that the website works optimally and remember the preferences of our visitors. For example, they remember the language setting, which products you have put in the shopping cart and your user name, so that you don’t have to enter them every time. Super handy!

Cookies for statistics and analysis

These cookies analyze how you use our website. This information is then used to make the site better. Of course we don’t look over your shoulder and we really don’t know exactly what you are up to on our site (you don’t have to!). But what we do know, for example, is how you came to, how long you were there and on which page you left. By the way, all this data is made anonymous, so we don’t know it was you.

Marketing cookies

At Rustam Climbing we believe in our loyal supporters, so we don’t do aggressive marketing. So you don’t have to worry that we will continue to haunt you all over the web. Just come back sometime because you found our service fantastic. We prefer that!

Social media

These are cookies that are placed by third parties, such as Instagram, YouTube and Vimeo. These cookies enable us to embed videos and feeds. We have no influence on how these parties handle the information obtained. More information can be found in the privacy statements of these parties.