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Are you on a business trip or vacation without access to the climbing gym? QuadRock is your opportunity to keep your fingers in shape being outside of the gym!

QuadRock a unique training device which you can use everywhere for your finger training. With this little brick, you can practice most of the grips you normally use during climbing at the gym or outdoors!

QuadRock offers:

  • 6mm edge;
  • 8mm edge;
  • 12mm edge;
  • 20mm edge;
  • 40mm pinch;
  • 100mm pinch;
  • 120mm pinch.

Additional information

Weight 0.27 kg
Dimensions 120 × 100 × 40 cm


QuadRock hangboard tests the limits of your finger strength and helps you to reach the highest climbing performance at the gym and outdoors. Check your strength on each grip. Find out your weak points and train hard to improve them with QuadRock!

Relatively small size and lightweight of QuadRock give a great opportunity to train your fingers while traveling.

QuadRock will be your reliable partner everywhere! QuadRock hangboard rewards you with amazing training days and makes you happy with your climbing!

Attention! Proper warming up before climbing or climbing exercises is strongly recommended. Warming up before training sessions prevents injuries and guarantees maximal performance. Keep your fingers warm before training with QuadRock!

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