Power rungs (19, 25, 32mm)

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Challenge your pure strength and power right now! Campus board training with the Rungs makes you specifically to train your weak points and get stronger!

Train hard with the Campus Board Rungs, gain full dynamic strength, and stay super-strong!

The complete set of the Campus Board Rungs offers:

  • Rung 19mm
  • Rung 25mm
  • Rung 32mm

Power edges have dual grip and can be installed on your campus in the way that serves your training needs: incut side or flat side up. When you are ready, simply turn over and reinstall the holds.

Ergonomic design makes your training as comfortable as possible.

Each campus rung comes complete with six screws and torx bit for installation.

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19mm, 25mm, 32mm, S, M, L


Legendary German climber Wolfgang Güllich invented the Campus Board in 1988 while he was training for the storied, that time new route, Action Directe, 9a, in Frankenjura. In that time, 9a grade did not exist, and Action Directe was just a route of a level much above one of those days climbing society, far harder than anything else. Güllich built the first Campus Board in the world at a gym called The Campus Center at the University Erlangen-Nürnberg. That is where the Campus board name is originating. Using his invention, he increased his fingers’ dynamic strengths to the previously unseen level. Then Wolfgang Güllich successfully sent Action Directe on the 16th of September 1991.

According to Wolfgang Güllich’s philosophy, no matter, how long and sustained a route is, if you can make all the individual moves, you can eventually, early or late, do the complete route. Training hard with the Campus Board Rungs you become much stronger and will be able to make harder moves to succeed on routes and boulder problems far above your current level!

Attention! This training is potentially dangerous because of the high risk to get an injury if you are not prepared properly. Never do campus board training if you do not warm up enough or after hard training sessions if you are too tired and exhausted. Proper warming up before the campus board training is strongly recommended. It prevents injuries and guarantees maximal performance. Keep your fingers warm before training with the Campus Board Rungs!

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