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Dreaming to crash the hardest slopy boulder problems in Fountainebleau? Do you want to reach the highest level in the modern-style competition bouldering? You need to get your fingers prepared with Bombita!

Bombita will teach you a good lesson! Many different slopers and edges make your fingers significantly stronger.

Bombita offers:

  • Smooth continuous sloper surface on the top
  • 2x “eye” edges on the sides: 21mm
  • 2x higher row edges: 12mm-15mm-18mm
  • 2x lower row edges: 7mm-8mm-10mm
  • One hand central edges: 40mm and 20mm


Attention! Bombita is not a hangboard for beginners! Proper warming up before climbing and climbing exercises is strongly recommended. Warming up before training sessions prevents injuries and guarantees maximal performance. Keep your fingers warm before training with Bombita!


Additional information

Weight 3.210 kg
Dimensions 67 × 18 × 7.2 cm


Challenge your sloper strength right now! Bombita is a unique hangboard containing many types of holds with special focus on slopers, which let you specifically training your weak points and get stronger!

Use Bombita for dead-hanging or for pulling-up. Central edges of Bombita are specially designed for one-hand training sessions. With Bombita, you can practice most of the grips you normally use during climbing. Many different types of holds make your hanging trainings gradually harder. Especially, Bombita is focusing on slopers which are often found at many climbing routes and boulder problems at the gyms and outdoors.

Hangboard Bombita is a perfect training tool at home or at the climbing gym warming up areas. You can use Bombita as for warming up before the main climbing training session as for the regular fingers’ power training. Training with Bombita will significantly increase the power of your fingers.

Bombita tests the limits of your finger strength and helps you to reach the highest climbing performance. Train with Bombita you reach two main goals: increase the strength and power of your fingers and raise your fingers’ potential. Moreover, by progressive overload training, you will increase your overall grip and forearm power endurance. Check your strength on each grip. Find out your weak points and train hard to improve them with Bombita!

Train hard with Bombita and you will be happy working on your hardest projects outdoors and achieving better competition results!

Start your way to a tougher climbing with Bombita! Let the true work begin!

Attention! Do not use impact screwdriver during the installation of the hangboard because it can damage the wood! Gently use the normal drill as a screwdriver or even do the installation using an ordinary hand screwdriver!

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