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Take your chance for a great pinch training session: Pinchette is calling!

Dreaming to send hard projects in Kalymnos, Rodellar, Leonidio, Geyikbayiri or in the other climbing areas around the world with extreme pinch tufa climbing? You need to get your fingers prepared with Pinchette!

Neat and simple, this board is the right choice. Pinchette is a unique hangboard containing many types of holds with special focus on pinches, which let you specifically training your weak points and get stronger!

Pinchette offers:

  • 2x big round slopers
  • Long 15 degree slopers
  • Long flat edge 15mm
  • Long flat edge 20mm


Attention! Proper warming up before climbing and climbing exercises is strongly recommended. Warming up before training sessions prevents injuries and guarantees maximal performance. Keep your fingers warm before training with Pinchette!


Additional information

Weight 1.85 kg
Dimensions 50 × 20 × 7.2 cm


Use Pinchette hangboard for dead-hanging or for pulling-up with one or two hands. With Pinchette, you can practice most of the grips you normally use during climbing. Many different types of holds make your hanging trainings gradually harder. Simple edges are good for open-hand grip and crimping. Pinchette is focusing on pinches which are often found at many climbing routes and boulder problems at the gyms and outdoors.

“Pinch strength is hard to gain and easy to ignore … until you need”, said famous British climber and coach, Neil Gresham in his paper published recently in Rock and Ice magazine. According to him, while elite boulderers seem to be able to crush the most marginal sloping features, many sport and trad climbers lag behind in this respect, and favor routes and problems with incut holds. With sloper strength and pinch strength linked, since most slopers require the use of the thumb, many climbers are weak in both. Conversely, training in either improves the other.

More and more climbing gyms are offering a large number of pinches, slopers, and volumes, which are widely used in modern-style bouldering and lead competitions. However, many of the commercial hangboards and training devices do not provide pinch training facilities. The reasons are technical difficulties to make effective training pinches at the stationary boards. Pinchette hangboard successfully overcomes these difficulties!

Attention! Do not use impact screwdriver during the installation of the hangboard because it can damage the wood! Gently use the normal drill as a screwdriver or even do the installation using an ordinary hand screwdriver!

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