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Welcome to the world Duonio! Need to train a two-finger grip? Duonio is your best friend! This Big Brother of Monik is specifically designed to fit two fingers!

Duonio is a fresh new unique training device, which makes your fingers significantly stronger. Pocket-sized Duonio gives you many opportunities to train a two-finger grip to be able to send hard projects in Céüse, Margalef, Frankenjura or in any other climbing areas around the world with extreme finger pocket climbing!

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You can use Duonio during strength and power training to significantly improving the strength of your fingers. You can vary combinations of finger pairs to train two-finger grip or even train individual fingers. Train with Duonio you reach two main goals: increase the strength and power of your fingers and raise your fingers’ potential. Moreover, by progressive overload training, you will increase your overall grip and forearm power endurance. You can use Duonio for warming up before the main climbing training session, for special fingers’ strength and power training or for rehabilitation (finger-lifting mode).

Tip: you can use Duonio even as a small pinch.

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