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Meet Dumbbells! This wooden couple of push-up parallettes will make your core workout!

Do you think that ordinary push-ups are too easy for you? The new revolutionary breakthrough invention in climbing and workout training technology, Dumbbells is an opportunity to add even more of a challenge to your exercises!

You can place Dumbbells in 3 positions on the floor. Each position defines the level of push-up difficulty:

  • I – Beginner, stable platform;
  • II – Advanced, rounded side;
  • III – Professional, pointed side.

Additional information

Weight 2.7 kg
Dimensions 35 × 34 × 20 cm


To use Dumbbells parallettes, place them on the floor in one of the positions (I, II or III) and start push-ups. Different levels of push-up difficulty make our parallettes very useful as for beginners as for professional athletes!

Why training workouts with Dumbbells are so important for climbing? Push-ups are one of the basic forms of antagonist muscle training. They work the pushing muscles, as opposed to normal climbing which mainly works the pulling ones. Working both of these muscle groups together helps your body to stay in balance and push your limits to reach a new level of climbing!

Dumbbells allow varying the position of your hand wrists during push-ups by changing the position of Dumbbells on the floor. This flexibility allows many exercises you can do using Dumbbells at all difficulty levels I-III:

  • normal push-ups with different positions of your wrists and legs,
  • incline push-ups with different angles of your body,
  • various planks, etc.

Each Dumbbell has three good handles on the wheels opposite to each training position., so you can train using only a single Dumbbell.

You may even use Dumbbells parallettes to do upside-down shoulder press, hand standing, and other gymnastics or yoga exercises and tricks. Horizontal wooden handlebars of Dumbbells reliably protect your wrists from injures!

Various exercises with Dumbbells work your upper chest, shoulders, abdominals, and back. Increasing the range of motions with Dumbbells makes you stronger and builds your muscles faster!

Be creative and do not hesitate to make new movements with Dumbbells!

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Attention! Proper warming up before climbing and climbing exercises is strongly recommended. Warming up before training sessions prevents injuries and guarantees maximal performance. Warm-up before training with Dumbbells!