Solid crimps

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Solid Crimps is a unique set of two double edge crimps for hanging, which will make your crimps extremely strong. Training with Solid Crimps, you will dig into the tiniest edges, grab whatever, move like an ant, and no force will release your steel crimp!

Solid Crimps come in two sizes:

  • Upper edge 10mm, inner edge 6mm
  • Upper edge 12mm, inner edge 8mm.

Attention! Solid Crimps is not a training device for beginners! Especially, be very careful with full-crimp exercises. Proper warming up before climbing exercises is strongly recommended. Warming up before training sessions prevents injuries and guarantees maximal performance. Keep your fingers warm before training with Solid Crimps!

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10/6mm, 12/8mm


Dreaming to send legendary extremely crimpy Realization/Biographie, 9a+ in Céüse or project hardest technical crimpy routes and boulder problems around the world? Prepare your fingers with Solid Crimps!

The crimp grip position is a very effective climbing tool. Especially if you need to do a very long powerful move from the small edge hold.

Get crimp power with Solid Crimps!

Solid crimps come complete with four screws and torx bit for installation.

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